Arusha Information

Arusha is a region in northern Tanzania, base town to a safari that goes to Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

There is Tanzania’s second highest mountain, Meru just north of Arusha . This Mountain is the main habitat of Arusha endemic species.

Click here for chameleons found in the Arusha region.

Mt. Meru

Mount Meru is home to Kinyongia Tavetana, Trioceros Sternfeldi and Trioceros Jacksonii.

Meru Mountain requires a tremendously high entrance fee, just like Kilimanjaro, so if you are looking for Kinyongia Tavetana, which also lives in the coral, you don’t have to enter it. If you look for the other two types, you will have to enter the mountain. * Since the village in the northern part of Mount Meru has a high altitude, there is a possibility that the above two species inhabit.

To enter Meru Mountain, you need a guide and ranger hired through a tour company. The Lonely Planet site says that you can hire locally, but the rules seem to have been revised. * I went and turned around without knowing. . . (As of 2019/9)

These two chameleons live near the first campsite (Miriakamba) and may be found if you ask a guide or ranger. The following markers are camping sites. * There are accommodation facilities.

Kinyongia Tavetana can be found at the foot of the mountain. If you go outside the national park area, villagers will find them.