• Identification Two-Horned Chameleon

    2019年11月3日 Category: Identification

    There are seven species of chameleons in the world that have blade-shaped two-horned chameleon (hereinafter referred to as “two-horned chameleons”), of which six are endemic to Tanzania and one is endemic to Kenya. Kinyongia Fischeri タンザニア中央部の東寄りにあるMorogoro州、Nguru(ングル)山に生息。 Kinyongia Uluguruensis タンザニア中央部の東寄りにあるMorogoro州、Uluguru(ウルグル)山に生息。 Kinyongia Matschiei タンザニア北東部にあるTanga州、East Usamabara(東ウサンバラ)山脈に生息。 Kinyongia Multituberculata タンザニア北東部にあるTanga州、West Usambara(西ウサンバラ)山脈に生息。 Kinyongia Vosseleri タンザニア北東部にあるTanga州、East Usamabara(東ウサンバラ)山脈に生息。 Kinyongia Tavetana タンザニア北部にあるArusha州、Mt. Meru(メルー)山、Kilimanajaro州、Mt…. [Continues]

  • Identification Three-Horned Chameleon

    2019年11月2日 Category: Identification

    There are five species of three-horned chameleons in the world, four inhabit Tanzania. Five species are following Trioceros Deremensis It is a chameleon inhabiting East Usambara Mountains in Tanga Region in northeastern Tanzania. Trioceros Jacksonii Inhabit Tanzania and Kenya. It is classified into 3 subspecies including nominotypical subspecies. Trioceros Jacksonii Jacksonii: nominotypical subspecie . Kenya… [Continues]