Chameleon Info: Kinyongia Tavetana タベタヌムカメレオン

Conservation Status


Endanger =====>

Scientific name:
Kinyongia Tavetana

English name:
Kilimanjaro Blade-horned Chameleon

Japanese name:





This chameleon lives near Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanajaro.

The feature is a double horned.

How to identify between similar species

Smaller than other two-angle chameleons and has no crest on the back.

This is the only specie of chameleon that has no crest on the back, so you can easily identify it.

See also how to identify double-angle chameleons.


It lives near Meru and Kilimanajaro.

It is a species adapted to rural areas, so it can be found in rural hedges and shrubs without entering the mountains.

Also, because there are many inhabitants, you will find it immediately if you ask the villagers.

Where to find

It is often 1 to 3m from the surface of a rural hedge, but seems to be even higher (around 8m).

It also seems to live even if it is not near the water.


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