Chameleon Info: Kinyongia Uthmoelleri ウサモエリーカメレオン

画像なし Flickerで検索

Conservation Status


Endanger =====>

Scientific name:
Kinyongia Uthmoelleri

English name:
Hanang Hornless Chameleon

Japanese name:





This chameleon lives in Hanang Mountain, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, South Pare Mountain.

It has patterns that look like orange spots, and has a highest casque among chameleons in Tanzania,.

A white line appears slightly outside the center of the body.

How to identify between similar species

I think that it can be identified from other species by the height of the casque.


As mentioned above, it seems to live in the vicinity of Hanang Mountain, but the manager has never observed it.

The altitude of inhabitat is about 1700m-2500m and the foot of the mountain of Hanang is barely inhabited, but as far as I heard from villagers living on the southern side (main village side) of the habitat, they have never seen it.

Red List information says the inhabitant is only in the forest, so it may have lived in the forest, but just the villagers have never seen it.

In addition, we are not exploring South Pare Mountain, there may be more inhabited because of the richer green.

Refer Manyara Information for more information.

Where to find

It seems to live in the place of about 1-3m like other general species.


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