Chameleon Info: Rhampholeon Acuminatus アキュミナータスコノハカメレオン


Conservation Status


Endanger =====>

Scientific name:
Rhampholeon Acuminatus

English name:
Nguru Spiny Pygmy Chameleon

Japanese name:





This chameleon is a pygmy chameleon that lives only on Mt. Nguru in Morogoro.

It has a slender body.

The nose is growing like a rosette and there are thorns-like spines in the body.

It is the only chameleon in Tanzania which is classified as critically endangered in Red List.

The inhabited mountain is protected, but the quality of the habitat is getting worse,

Furthermore, the number of inhabitants seems to have decreased due to exports as pets.

It is in the one of the most regulated categories in the Washington Convention (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

I am not sure if it is currently exported, but I hope it will not be traded as a pet.

How to identify between similar species

Rhampholeon Spinosus in East Usambara also has a similar rosette-nose, but Spinosus has a narrower face.

in terms of the shape of the crest on the back, Acuminatus has a crest like an equilateral triangles, but Spinosus has a crest like a slightly elongated isosceles triangle.


It seems to live only in the area over 1000m above sea level of Mt. Nguru in Morogoro.

In past observations, it seems to have been found around 1500m above sea level.

The area where this specie can inhabit is a very small area of 28cm.

Please refer to Morogoro information for details of the area.

There is a campsite in the mountains, so you should look for it there.

Where to find

According to Red List information, it inhabits the fallen leaves of the forest, but also seems to live in the bushes of shrubs 50cm to several meters high.


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