Chameleon Info: Rhampholeon Beraduccii ベラドゥッチコノハカメレオン


Conservation Status


Endanger =====>

Scientific name:
Rhampholeon Beraduccii

English name:
Mahenge Pygmy Chameleon

Japanese name:





This is a pygmy chameleon inhabiting the Sali Forest Reserve in Morrogoro.

The characteristic is that there is a very small spines on the nose.

In addition, there are two lines in the body, which is common in the Pygmy Chameleon.

Although the English name is Mahenge, Mahenge is the name of the area to which Sali village belongs, Sali Forest Reserve is near the village.

A species discovered in 2006, the scientific name was named after Joe Beraducci, who worked and supported activities at Eastern Arc Mountains in Tanzania.

* By the way, Beraducci seems to be the owner of MBT Snake Farm in Arusha. It seems that a chameleon could be seen a while ago, but when I visited in 2019, it was only a snake and a turtle.

How to identify between similar species

Very similar to Rhampholeon Moyeri. I do not know how to distinguish. . .


It lives only in Morogoro’s Sali Forest Reserve.

Please refer to Morogoro information for area information.

It seems that you can enter the mountain from Sali village.

Because it is said that it lives at an altitude of 1200 ~ 1500m, the habitat area is only 17km near the mountaintop.

Where to find

Although it is unknown, it seems to be sleeping on a tree branch of about 10-30 cm above the ground, like a general pygmy chameleon.


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