Chameleon Info: Rhampholeon Nchisiensis ンチシピグミーカメレオン

Conservation Status


Endanger =====>

Scientific name:
Rhampholeon Nchisiensis

English name:
Nchisi Pygmy Chameleon

Japanese name:





The apparent characteristic is that thorns like extremely small horns.

The body color is brown like other pygmy chameleons. There is also a line diagonally forward from the base of the hind legs.

This species is a subspecies of the Ntchisi mountain’s chameleon in Malawi.

How to identify between similar species

This is the only pygmy chameleon in this area.


It lives on Mt. Rungwe in southeastern Mbeya.

I found it at the marker location below.

I walked about an hour and a half from the climbing gate.

Please refer to Mbeya information for details about the area.

Where to find

It is almost impossible to find Pygmy chameleons because they live on the back of fallen leaves during the day.

It sleeps on a tree trunk with ivy in the vicinity of 1-2m from the surface.


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