Chameleon Info: Trioceros Deremensis デレマカメレオン

Conservation Status


Endanger =====>

Scientific name:
Trioceros Deremensis

English name:
Usambara Three-Horned Chameleon

Japanese name:





This chameleon is a three-horned chameleon inhabiting Amani Forest Reserve and Mt. Nguru.

Other Trioceros have one horn in females, but this species has no horns in females.

There is no crest on the back, but instead a fin-like thing has developed on back.

This is why it is longer in the back direction compared to other three-horned chameleons.

* The manager thinks that the crest has developed greatly and the thorns are covered with skin.

How to identify between similar species

Although it is not similar to others, the following points are different from other three-horned chameleons.

・ There is no dorsal crest.

・ The horn is thin and long.


Although the habitat is Amani Forest Reserve and Mt. Nguru, Amani Forest Reserve is recommended if you are looking for it.

For more information on Amani Forest Reserve, please refer to Tanga information.

Where to find

Amani Forest Reserve offers a night walk to find chameleon, and guide will find it a lot.

If you bring a strong light and walk towards the mountains at night, you will be able to find the chameleon without relying on a guide because the color of the reflection is brighter than other leaves.

You can find about 10 animals per hour.


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