Chameleon Info: Trioceros Ellioti エリオット

Conservation Status


Endanger =====>

Scientific name:
Trioceros Ellioti

English name:
Elliot's Groove-throated Chameleon

Japanese name:





This species is a chameleon distributed in the west of East Africa.

There is one white line on the side of the body, and an orange / brown mottled pattern around it.

The characteristic is that there are black slits (grooves) on both sides of the gular, same as Trioceros Goetzei.

* Chameleons basically have a number of fine slits in the gular, which stretches the gular when threatening or sunbathing. This chameleon is that one groove in it is larger than the other and painted black.

How to identify between similar species

Only this species and Trioceros Goetzei have a black slit in the gular.

The difference from Goetzei is the number of white lines on the body side. There are two on Goetzei and one on Ellioti (or there may be another very thin line on the stomach side).

The habitat is Goetzei in Mbeya and Ellioti in Kagera.


The habitat is the western part of East Africa (NW Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi).

Speaking of Tanzania, it lives in Kagera Region.

The administrator found it at the following marker location in Bukoba, Kagera.

Where to find

Like other chameleons, it is often on a tree branch 1-3 meters above the ground.

In addition, at the marker on the upper map, there were three in one tree.


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