Chameleon Info: Trioceros Laterispinis モロクカメレオン

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Conservation Status


Endanger =====>

Scientific name:
Trioceros Laterispinis

English name:
Spiny-sided Chameleon

Japanese name:





This species has a lot of thorns on whole body.

It is only this species that has thorns on its arms, except for pygmy chameleons.

The body color is similar to lichen.

The status of Red List is “Endangered”.

How to identify between similar species

This is the only specie that is so spiny.


It habitats in Mufindi Forest in Iringa.

This forest is not protected, so it is in a critical situation.

Please refer to Iringa information for details of this area.

There are observation records in the past at the following marker positions.

Where to find

There is a village nearby, but this species can only live in the forest, so it seems almost impossible to see in the village.

The administrator has not unobserved yet. so no record of where to find it.


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