Chameleon Info: Trioceros Werneri ワーナーカメレオン

Conservation Status


Endanger =====>

Scientific name:
Trioceros Werneri

English name:
Wemer's Three-horned Chameleon

Japanese name:





The apparent characteristic is a three-horn.

the male has three horns and the female has one horn.

The color is mainly green or brown.

How to identify between similar species

It looks like Teioceros Fuelleborni in Mbeya, but the horns of this specie are longer (about 2 or 3 cm) than Fuelleborni. The total size is almost the same.


It lives at altitudes of 1700m to 2600m in the Udzungwa Mountains in Iringa and the Uluguru Mountain in Morogoro.

In particular,  it seems to live a lot at Mafinga in Iringa.

There are observation records at the marker locations on the map below.

For details about the area, please refer to Iringa information and Morogoro information.

Where to find

They live in forests and villages near forests, so you can find it by going to villages near the habitat and asking villagers.

I think Udzungwa in Iringa is easier to find than Uluguru in Morogoro. (Because it is a plateau area and there is a village up to a high altitude)

According to Red List information, it sleep at a height of 2m or more.


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