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  • Identification Two-Horned Chameleon

    2019年11月3日 Category: Identification

    There are seven species of chameleons in the world that have blade-shaped two-horned chameleon (hereinafter referred to as “two-horned chameleons”), of which six are endemic to Tanzania and one is endemic to Kenya. Kinyongia Fischeri タンザニア中央部の東寄りにあるMorogoro州、Nguru(ングル)山に生息。 Kinyongia Uluguruensis タンザニア中央部の東寄りにあるMorogoro州、Uluguru(ウルグル)山に生息。 Kinyongia Matschiei タンザニア北東部にあるTanga州、East Usamabara(東ウサンバラ)山脈に生息。 Kinyongia Multituberculata タンザニア北東部にあるTanga州、West Usambara(西ウサンバラ)山脈に生息。 Kinyongia Vosseleri タンザニア北東部にあるTanga州、East Usamabara(東ウサンバラ)山脈に生息。 Kinyongia Tavetana タンザニア北部にあるArusha州、Mt. Meru(メルー)山、Kilimanajaro州、Mt…. [Continues]

  • Identification Three-Horned Chameleon

    2019年11月2日 Category: Identification

    There are five species of three-horned chameleons in the world, four inhabit Tanzania. Five species are following Trioceros Deremensis It is a chameleon inhabiting East Usambara Mountains in Tanga Region in northeastern Tanzania. Trioceros Jacksonii Inhabit Tanzania and Kenya. It is classified into 3 subspecies including nominotypical subspecies. Trioceros Jacksonii Jacksonii: nominotypical subspecie . Kenya… [Continues]

  • Morogoro Information

    2019年10月26日 Category: Area Info

    Morogoro is a eastern region of Tanzania, about 4 hours by bus from Dar es Salaam. It is a popular area for girls to pick strawberries on Uluguru Mountain. Dragonea Hotel’s pizza is exceptional. Click here for a list of chameleons in Morogoro. Morogoro is the most Chameleons inhabited in Tanzania, Mt. Uluguru, Mt. Nguru,… [Continues]

  • Iringa Information

    Category: Area Info

    Iringa is a stylish city in the middle Tanzania. There is a tourist attraction “ishimira ruins” at the outskirts of Iringa Mama Iringa restaurant serves delicious foods. Chameleons inhabit in Iringa are Udzungwa Mountains and Mufindi Forest. Click here for a list of chameleons living in Iringa. Udzungwa Mountains Udzungwa Mountains is protected as a… [Continues]

  • Arusha Information

    Category: Area Info

    Arusha is a region in northern Tanzania, base town to a safari that goes to Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area. There is Tanzania’s second highest mountain, Meru just north of Arusha . This Mountain is the main habitat of Arusha endemic species. Click here for chameleons found in the Arusha region. Mt. Meru… [Continues]

  • Kagera Information

    2019年10月25日 Category: Area Info

    Kagera is a region in northwestern Tanzania and its capital is Bukoba. Located on the west coast of Lake Victoria, the farthest from Dar es Salaam. The specialty is like coffee. (it is Robusta coffee.) Because it is located in the western part of Lake Victoria, it has a lot of rainfall and is green…. [Continues]

  • Manyara Information

    Category: Area Info

    Manyara is a regione in central Tanzania between Dodoma and Arusha. The region capital is probably Babati. The main tourist destination is Manyara National Park, but since it is usually combined with a tour of Ngorongoro, it does not feel like in Manyara. There are no other tourist spots. Chameleons in Manyara live only in… [Continues]

  • Kilimanjaro Information

    Category: Area Info

    Kilimanjaro is a state in northeastern Tanzania. Moshi is the main city. This is where the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. This area has a pygmy chameleon in the South Pair Mountains that can turn green which is rare for chameleons. Three other chameleons can also be observed. Chameleons can be observed in Mt…. [Continues]

  • Njombe Information

    2019年10月1日 Category: Area Info

    Njombe is a city in southwestern Tanzania. The endemic species of Njombe is the newly discovered in 2015 Kinyongia Msuyae in Mdandu Forest Reserve . There is also Trioceros Tempeli. Click here for a list of chameleons in Njombe. It takes about 12 hours by bus from Dar es Salaam to Njombe. Mdandu森林保護区 The Mdandu… [Continues]