Iringa Information

Iringa is a stylish city in the middle Tanzania.

There is a tourist attraction “ishimira ruins” at the outskirts of Iringa

Mama Iringa restaurant serves delicious foods.

Chameleons inhabit in Iringa are Udzungwa Mountains and Mufindi Forest.

Click here for a list of chameleons living in Iringa.

Udzungwa Mountains

Udzungwa Mountains is protected as a national park, as shown in the northeastern part of the map below. Biologically it is Udzungwa Mountains that combines them all.

Rhampholeon Moyeri, an endemic species of this area, lives in the area where the pin is stuck in the map above.

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to this mountain range yet, so I don’t know yet whether it’s good to access from the cliffs in the northwest or under the cliffs in the southeast. . .

Mufindi Forest

This forest is home to three species, including Trioceros Laterispinis, an endemic species of this forest. The area near the following markers is the habitat.

To get to this forest, get off at Mafinga, which is halfway between Iringa and Mbeya, and about 2 hours by car from there. Probably the place name is Mifunga. Trioceros Werneri and Trioceros Tempeli are numerous and will be found soon, but Trioceros Laterispinis will be difficult to find.

There is no admission fee as it is not a protected area.