Manyara Information

Manyara is a regione in central Tanzania between Dodoma and Arusha.

The region capital is probably Babati.

The main tourist destination is Manyara National Park, but since it is usually combined with a tour of Ngorongoro, it does not feel like in Manyara.

There are no other tourist spots.

Chameleons in Manyara live only in Hanang Mountain.

Click here for a list of chameleons in Manyara

Mt. hanang(ハナン山)

Mt. Hanan is about 3600m altitude.

The main gate to the mountain is accessible from Katesh town.

To Katesh, gets off the bus once at Babati, and from there it takes about 1.5 hours to 2 hours by car.

The entrance fee for the mountain must be paid at the forest office.

The gate is jordom in the south, Giting in the north, and I forgot the name, but there is a gate in the west.

In order to find Trioceros Hanangensis, it would be better to go to the campsite from the Jordom gate in the south for about 3 hours and search that night around there.

Below is the camp site. * Toilet only