Mbeya Information

Mbeya is a local city located in the southwestern part of Tanzania. (I say it is a city, but because it is a city in developing countries, there are 10 buildings of 4 or 5 stories in the center of the city.)

Africa has a hot impression, but the altitude is about 1600m, so the temperature is about 30 degrees even in the hottest season and it is comfortable because it is dry. During the cold season, the minimum temperature is unexpectedly cool at around 10 ℃.

The main tourist destination is Kitulo National Park in the southeast of Mbeya. In the highland called the Garden of God, the flowers bloom in high season (around December). This national park has a whistle chameleon, Trioceros Goetzei.

In addition, there is a natural lava bridge called the God Bridge, Lake Ngozi Crater, the second largest in Africa, and a meteorite that can be climbed.

Special products are rice and coffee, especially rice is a brand in Tanzania.

Mbeya has chameleons in Mt. Ngozi, Mt. Rungwe, Kitulo National Park and Mwakaleli villages.
Click here for a list of Mbeya Chameleons

Access to Mbeya

Access from Dar es Salaam to Mbeya by bus, train or plane。
・ Bus: About 18 hours
・ Train: Not recommended because it is often delayed for about 24 hours.
・ Airplane: About 1 hour and a half, 2 flights a day (Air Tanzania).

Lake Ngozi

Ngozi is a mountain with a crater lake, the second largest area in Africa, in the southern part of Mbeya. This mountain is home to Trioceros Fuelleborni and Kinyongia Vanheigeni.
To this mountain, take a bus from Nane Nane Bus Stand bound for Tukuyu, and stop at Mchangani. If you go a little south from there, you will see the Ngozi signboard. There is a temporary office near the signboard where you can pay admission (10USD / 23,000tz foreigners) and guide.

Mt. Rungwe

Rungwe is the highest mountain in southern Tanzania. This mountain is home to Rhampholeon Nchisiensis.
To get to this mountain, take a bus from Nane Nane Bus Stand to Tukuyu and stop at K.K. From there, go to the gate using a taxi. Admission (10USD / 23000tzs) must be paid in advance. You have to ask the owner of Maua Cafe in Mbeya or pay at the Tukuyu office.

You can also call the officer directly.
Forest Office Officer. Ms. Jesika.
TEL: + 255-757-677-704

Although it doesn’t seem to be an official tour company, Erick Home Stay & tours guides the mountain and can be used as a simple accommodation.
Owner: Erick
TEL: + 255-656-317-211
E-mail: Obadiaerick38@gmail.com


Kitulo National Park is a national park famous for its flowers in southeastern Mbeya. * The map above is the gate position.
Trioceros Goetzei is near this national park.
There are two ways to get to this national park by car, from Chimala village on the north side, and Isyonje village on the west side. We can go by bus, but it’s not recommended because it takes a lot of time. (Thare is a bus from Uyole to Makete. It seems that you can get it off at Kitulo National Park. Please note that there is another place called Kitulo Village. Incidentally, the bus company is Japanese Express.)
Please note that the admission fee is unexpectedly high and you can only pay by credit card.

Mwakaleli Village

Mwakaleli village is an ordinary village in southeastern Mbeya.
This village has Trioceros Incornutus. * Although it should be in other nearby villages, it has been confirmed in this village.
To get to this village, the bus to Mwakaleli leaves from the Nane Nane bus stand. I think it was about 8am or 9am.