Njombe Information

Njombe is a city in southwestern Tanzania.
The endemic species of Njombe is the newly discovered in 2015 Kinyongia Msuyae in Mdandu Forest Reserve .
There is also Trioceros Tempeli.
Click here for a list of chameleons in Njombe.
It takes about 12 hours by bus from Dar es Salaam to Njombe.


The Mdandu Forest Reserve, where Kinyongia Msuyae lives, can be accessed from Madilu village. Mdandu Forest Reserve and Madilu Village are not on the google map, so please refer to the map above. * Madilu Village is listed in an app called Maps Me.
To Madilu village, head from Njombe towards Ludewa and take the road towards Madilu village at Lusitu village . There is also a direct bus to this village.
The point shown in the map above is where observation records were recorded in the past.
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