Recommend Area

The recommended chameleon exploration area in Tanzania is Amani Forest Reserve in Tanga (see Tanga information). There are seven types of chameleons, including Trioceros Deremensis, a three-angle chameleon, and Rhampholeon Temporalis, a pygmy chameleon. In addition, it has the only night walk to search for chameleons in Tanzania, making it the perfect place to search for chameleons for the first time. The guide will find many chameleons.

In the same region, there is only one specie of chameleon (two-horned chameleon) in Lushoto in West Usambara Mountains. There are tour companies that conduct mountain walking tours in the daytime, even during the daytime tour, You can find a lot. Lushoto is a small tourist destination because it is a summer resort during the German period, and you can eat very delicious pizza.

Other areas the two-horn Kinyongia Tavetana in Mt. Meru, the three-horn Trioceros Fuelleborni in Mbeya, Trioceros Tempeli in Iringa’s Muffinga and Njombe, these are relatively easy to be found because it also inhabits trees near house close to the forest.

There are a large number of species inhabiting in Morogoro region, but the habitat is dispersed and there is no easy to see place with good access.

There are also many Chamaeleo Dilepis in rural areas at anywhere.