Tanga Information

Tanga is a region in northeastern Tanzania, about 8 hours by bus from Dar es Salaam. Since Tanga Fresh’s milk is sold throughout Tanzania, I think milk is a special product.

There are two places where the chameleon is located in Tanga, East Usambara Mountains and East Usambara Mountains.

Click here for a list of Chameleons in Tanga.

East Usambara Mountains

East Usambara has the seven chameleons, which is the largest number in Tanzania, and is protected as Amani Forest Reserve. It is one of the Eastern Arc Mountains that are formed along the Great Rift Valley. It has an altitude of about 1000m and has abundant rainfall, so it has a rich biological diversity.

To Amani Forest Reserve, get off the bus bound for Tanga at Muheza. it takes about 3 hours by bus from Muheza to Amani FR. There are only one bus that depart at 1:00 P.M in daytime, I recommend you to use a taxi. Speaking of Amani Forest Reserve or Offishi-Ya-Mushitu (meaning a forest office) As it is a splendid building compared with the surroundings, you will find it immediately. There is also a place called Amani Forest Camp Emau Hill nearby, but this campsite is a private campsite that is a little far away and is very expensive (over 100 USD per night). The food was delicious but I think the price is too high.

You can stay in a adjoining room of this office. As of 2019, it costs 30,000TZS. You may make a reservation at the following contact information. I e-mailed but no reply. I think it ’s better to call.

Mwanaid KijaziThe ConservatorAmani Nature Reserve,
P.O Box 1, Amani -Tanga.
Email: amaninaturereservetfs@yahoo.com 

Conservator’s contacts
Email: mwanaidi_kijazi@yahoo.com
Phone: +255784587805 /  +255659523775

Assistant  Conservator’s & In charge Ecotourism, Training and ResearchIsack Bob Matunda
Email: bobtutu3@gmial.com
Phone: +255718794009  / +255757853995 

You can contact with Mr. Rovert, who seems to be concerned. I contacted with him. TEL: +255716535038

Here is a night walk where you can easily find Trioceros Deremensis and two specie Pygmy Chameleons. If you are lucky, you will also find a double-sided chameleon. If you apply a strong light to the chameleon at night, the color is clearly different from other leaves, so you can find it from a distance.

However, the Kinyongia Tenuis and Rhampholeon Spinosus are extremely difficult to find. Red List says it should be in a village called Derema, which is close to Amani, so you may want to visit the villagers. I abandoned to go there because of no energy.

Weat Usambara Mountains

West Usambara is not protected as a nature reserve, but it is a little touristy, with Lushot, the summer resort of the rulers of the era once ruled by Germany. There is a delicious pizzeria and I recommend it.

There are several tour companies that run daytime walking tours, so you can find them when you ask the guide. The two-horned chameleon is also applicable to farms, so you can find it right away by asking farmers.